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Spot Buy Service

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Spot Buy Service

In the highly cyclical electronic industry, changes in market conditions will lead to unexpected parts shortages, thereby endangering factories’ original production order and even the timely shipping. Meanwhile, the risk for spot buy procurement is especially high and without discretion, production stagnation can be caused and also hidden dangers for product qualities. Therefore, a good choice of spot buy supplier is rather important.

• With the global supply network and years of market experience, Hongkong Sunreal Technology Ltd. can provide accurate spot supply information, including manufactures, material codes, manufacturing dates, prices, RoHS standards, packaging information, arrival dates, etc..

• With rigorous supplier auditing mechanism, purchasing QC inspection as well as QC procedures standards of ISO9001:2008 international certification, Hongkong Sunreal can help customers with strict quality control of each batch of goods.

• With the global "7 Days -24 Hours" service, Hongkong Sunreal can help customers with the shortest possible access to market shortage goods; use services from international express companies, such as FEDEX / UPS / DHL, in order for accurate, timely and qualified transportation.

BOM Kitting

In the era of Internet-based information explosion, the biggest features of electronics industry are flexibility, rapidity and versatility. In order to meet the demands of different customers, diversified supplies for electronic components have been a problem facing all manufacturers, and at the meantime, some world-known BOM Kitting and catalogue distribution suppliers emerged.

Hongkong Sunreal Technology Ltd Promises You:

• Integration of BOM from different clients, packaged purchasing for a lower price

• Global "7 Days -24 Hours" service, flexible and rapid disposal of your demands, saving procurement time

• Quick and safe logistics service that can save you logistics costs

• Professional marketing and sourcing team to provide you with more purchasing advice, comprehensive integration of BOM procurement

• Comprehensive financial support, making you free of pay-in-cash procedure troubles when making small-lot procurement • Strict QC inspection, ensuring you to satisfactory procurement of any of your demands

Excess Liquidation

Electronic industry is changing and improving all the time. Customers’ changing needs for new products often result in a large amount of inventory or disposed components for manufacturers. Rapid and effective disposal of slow moving stock has become an indispensable means of revitalizing enterprise capital and increase enterprise competitive advantages.

Hongkong Sunreal Technology Ltd Promises You

• Global client platform to quickly find the most suitable buyer for your excess stock

• Powerful database management platform to rapidly provide the potential market need analysis for each item in your slow moving stock

• Fast and safe logistics platform to complete customers' domestic and international warehouse stock transfer within the shortest period of time

• The latest and real-time information platform to optimize the returned values

PPV Project

The electronic manufacturing services industry today is a fully competitive market, in which procurement of materials at standard cost usually can only bring a gross margin of 5%-10% to the service factories.

How to reduce procurement cost:

• Hongkong Sunreal Technology Ltd. provides procurement-cost-reducing services and offer lower prices, which can handle the problems of components with large quantities and high prices. With a global sourcing network of over 5000 suppliers and a great capacity of mastering major electronic components, Hongkong Sunreal can help our clients with rapid and efficient access to potential resources around the world, and thus reduce procurement costs.

• As we all know, in electronic components distribution and procurement industry, the prices of components usually depends on the amount of procurement. Hongkong Sunreal possesses abundant business resources for the integration of customer needs and centralized purchasing. Meanwhile, as for the regional prices differences all over the world, our powerful information platform can help us quickly find low prices.

• Joint procurement with the global large EMS, Hongkong Sunreal enjoys the original direct delivery priority and bargaining right, therefore can maintain a stable supply even in material shortage circumstances.

• • Based on FROECAST provided by customers, Hongkong Sunreal also can provide long-term partners with stocking programs, lower prices from mass purchasing as well as addressing issues of customer needs changing.
Service time

We operate 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, to meet the needs of electronics manufacturers in different parts of the world.

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