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Product is the image of the enterprise, quality is the life of the enterprise

Hongkong Sunreal Technology Limited. offer a 365 days quality guarantee on all our products. We can provide MFG COC or Franchise documents. It is 100% traceable to original factory.
Sourcing Channel

Qualified supplier base: Our main sourcing channels are from the authorized agencies and the reliable international non-franchised distributors..
Regular Supplier Evaluation.
Authorized sourcing channel is always our first priority for procurement. We conduct regular evaluation of our suppliers to optimize our procurement quality, we only procure products from well-reputation channels..
Internal Quality Control .
Experienced QC Officers and Inspectors. Verification includes but not limited to product outlook, physical condition, marking, bar code, moisture barrier, packing and taping condition.

External Testing and Inspection .
If the parts are not available in general market and suspicious, we will employ the world-famous third party inspection authority – White Horse to test and investigate the incoming goods..
QC machines and Technical Know-how.
For any suspected cases, we will refer to our engineers for in-depth examination. Our QC equipments such as H.D. microscope, IC tester and vibrator help to evaluate the consistency of the product. The Quality Management System is comprised of the Quality Manual and all associated documents in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2000. The Quality Management System is regularly reviewed by management for compliance, and for its ability to meet our established goals for customer satisfaction and to continually improve the effectiveness of our quality system.

We always believe

Product is the image of the enterprise
Quality is the life of an enterprise.

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